Online keno is a fascinating game of chance played with 80 numbers, a lot of guesswork and random results. Sometimes called lottery on-demand, online keno offers exciting gameplay, diverse themes, and decent payouts. Anyone can learn how to play online keno in a few minutes. With this game, you don't even need to practice with free games before you start playing at a top casino like za-onlinecasino .


What are the Basics of Online Keno?

Online keno is easy to play, but there are some basics that you must know before you begin. Keep in mind that any keno game comes with a pay-table like in slot games. The pay-table shows the payout you get depending on the percentage of numbers that you get out of all the numbers given. Before playing any online keno game, start by checking out the pay-table.

Online keno is also played with a card, similar to a lottery ticket. The card includes eighty numbers from 1 to 80. You will see the card, betting options, pay-table, and some other buttons you can click on on the screen. There is no significant difference between playing online and offline. Another essential of online keno is the quick pick option, which allows the system to select your numbers.

What are the Online Keno Rules and Gameplay?

Playing online keno starts with finding the right game. There are different keno games you can play with diverse themes, designs, and payouts. You can choose the game that is ideal for you, read the pay-table, and start playing. The first step to playing is selecting your numbers or using the quick pick option. Some games allow you to choose 20 numbers, but the minimum is 10.

Online keno games also offer different betting ranges. After choosing your numbers, place your bet depending on the range. You can also want to bet on more than one game to increase your chances of winning. Then, the numbers will be drawn, and the system will announce the winning numbers. If you get a large percentage of the numbers drawn, you win more.

How Much Can You win in Online Keno?

Online keno games come with different Return to Player percentages, so you have to check this before you start playing. If the RTP of a game is 97%, this means that the player will get 97 coins if they bet 100 coins over a certain period. Individual bets don't calculate the RTP. An excellent online keno game should have an RTP above 95%.

Payouts in online keno are calculated by the percentage of numbers you get and not the amount you get. For example, if you get ten numbers out of ten right, you might get 100x your bet. On the other hand, you might only get 2x your bet for getting four out of ten numbers. Even with this, the more numbers you get, the higher your payout is.

How Do You Increase Chances at Online Keno?

A Random Number Generator powers online keno, so there is no way you can significantly impact the game's outcome. Don't let this discourage you as this fun game can be won with tips and tricks. You might not get winning streaks, but you will minimize your losses. One tip you should consider is betting as much as you can afford and not more.

When playing online keno, don't try to compensate for your losses and bet more money than you have. You can discipline yourself with a daily gambling budget, so you don't overspend. One way you can maximize wins is by betting average from your first game. If you win a round, you can increase your bet for the next one, but if you lose, you should reduce the stake.

Online Keno Casinos

Online keno can be played by a wide range of casino sites. There are a lot of factors you should consider before choosing a keno casino. The first is if a gambling commission licenses it. You should also check the security measures offered by the casino to ensure that your information will be safe. If the casino is optimized for use on mobile devices, that's a plus!

An online keno casino should also offer a wide selection of games that you can pick from. This way, you can play more than just online keno. It would be best if you also considered the bonuses, promotions, and payment options offered. All of these make up an ideal keno casino that you should play at. With this information and tips, you can quickly start playing online keno right now.